Three years ago tonight - my daughter received her first insulin shot. Not a day or even a stretch of more than a few hours has ever passed since that she hasn't needed constant needle injections/ or her pump or finger pokes. And while this saves her- and we are ever grateful- this disease has changed our lives forever.

Every day - she is strong -Still, she calculates her foods - changes her injection sites - pokes her fingers - wears her CGM- fights mood swings - highs and lows or battles some type of diabetic situation.

And yet, it's normal, our new normal. She has such a great attitude and she just does what needs to be done while doing her best to inspire others to do the same. This is a family disease- I wish I were as strong as she is.

So one night- November 22nd- I find myself just being a mom who cries for her baby. My heart remains tender and I never want it to harden. So I allow myself - this day to grieve - to imagine her without diabetes - to remember her before diabetes.

Never once am I ungrateful of what a gift she has - insulin - tools- and the will to fight but I am her mom and since she is my baby- I allow myself to be vulnerable even if just for a moment.

Tomorrow - back to "normal." Tonight I just may cry.

Kayla Perry- Great Papa Claude & Jada Perry


12/06/2013 12:31pm

I read your story while doing my daily read through of AOL, and couldn't help but to think about my self, and my story through Jadas! I too am a juvenile diabetic, I was diagnosed at age 4 and now being 23, I know all the difficulties, she faces, as well as you because I saw my mom go through them! I've been on a pump since I was about 11 and started the continuous monitoring system about 3 years ago (it's a blessing in its own)! You sound like you're doing a wonderful job!


Hi Megan!
Thanks for sharing!! I know every day you face battles and I hope you always stay strong. I'm fighting for YOU too! One day there will be a CURE until then...great to hear positive stories! Don't you LOVE your CGM? As a mom, its the BEST!

12/08/2013 12:27pm

I heard about your blog through my dad Jason, who has sent an email to you about me recently. I have been a type 1 diabetic for a little over a year now, and I know to challenges that are required to overcome it. I am quite proud of Jada for staying strong while living with this disease. I know this isn't really something to be proud of, but when I was diagnosed, my blood sugar level was over 900 (just a little high, right?). I hope that your daughter continues to stay strong throughout her life, and I hope that you continue to post amazing things. Maybe we can stay in touch and combine our blogs to make something extraordinary - something to defeat the forces of Evil Pancreas ;P.

Your Friend,


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